Rivet Nut Tools

Rivet Nut Tools


The process of triggering is quite comfortable as it always relates to a gun shooting somehow it is acceptable but not every time, as air rivet nut tools follows kit the way of triggering for automobile maintenances. These tools used in carriage industry, especially for producing line and repair, steel plates to be connected. These tools are of high-efficiency that can replace electric-welding, fast and powerful in work. The collection seems plenty of high quality rivet nut tools that have accurate pneumatic motors with long service life and high strength steel for long life use.

Spin/Spin Rivet Nut Tools

kit An economical choice for thin-walled rivet nuts. These tools are lightweight and easy to operate. This type of tool spins the mandrel to thread the nut. Once the nut has been threaded, the mandrel is spun again to collapse the nut. Several of the spin/spin tools can be equipped with a right-angle attachment to facilitate access to hard-to-reach locations. The use of an air regulator, air filter, and lubrication system is recommended to minimize the wear of internal components over the life of the tool.

Spin/Pull Rivet Nut Tools

These tools are available in “Pull-to-Pressure” or “Pull-to-Stroke” variants. The tool spins the mandrel to thread the nut and then pulls the mandrel to collapse the nut. The tool will pull to either a set pressure or a set stroke.


A rivet nut or threaded insert which is so called, is a one-piece internally threaded and counterbored tubular rivet that can be anchored entirely from one side. Basically, it is used to attach for various items.