Pneumatic Sanders

Pneumatic Sanders

Is Soartec sanders reliable?

Well, decades of experience and a strong commitment to product development has seen Soartec becoming a pioneer in specialist in flexible abrasives and products like pneumatic sandersthat allow for true dust-free surface finishing. These innovations are further backed by the creation of ground-breaking new coatings kit production processes. Thanks to its commitment to innovative design and development, the new power tools unit has created advanced sanding and polishing machines which also providing outstanding benefits to users. Combined with a range of effective, high quality accessories that gives customers unmatched access to a complete sanding solution to meet their individual needs.

People’s perception

There exist very few key differences between pneumatic and electric sanders that may or may not matter. kitPneumatics is generally lighter. After all, there’s no motor. Because of which, they can also be quieter and longer lasting. The tools are usually much cheaper too. That is, on a tool for tool basis they are cheaper (again, no motor). But obviously to use a pneumatic tool, you’re going to need a big daddy air compressor. The smaller units will cycle repeatedly which will ultimately kill the compressor. And from what it is being heard, pneumatic sanders can also be more powerful than our standard electric sanders.


1. These sanders are primarily beneficial to the industrial woodworker who already has a big compressor.
2. This tool has higher volume production shop.
3. The tools aremuch of lower carbon footprint since they require less manufacturing and less copper wiring.