Spring Balancer
1. Cost-efficient, practical and compact. It uses rotatory Adjusting Cover for easier tension adjustment without burden.
2. Fast and convenient installation. In addition, anti-falling steel wire mounting holes are provided, which must be installed
    to avoid the failure of the original mounting location).
3. The housing is made of rustproof iron shell. Further, a ball-shape damper also can stop tool at a fixed height in its
    recover stroke.



  SB-A3 SB-A5
Capacity  1.5~3.0 kg 3.0~5.0 kg
Weight 0.76 kg 0.81 kg
Travel 1.5 m 1.5 m
Hose Material Cable Cable
Rope Dia 3.2 mm 3.2 mm
Packing 30pcs/22.8kg/23.8kg/1.6' 30pcs/24.3kg/25.3kg/1.6'