Spring Balancer, Spiral

 "Spiral Spring Balancer" is a cost-efficient tool suspending equipment meeting the ergonomic requirement which allows the operator to perform the work in an easier, safer and more efficient way. In addition, it maintains the working site orderly and prevents the tool from colliding and falling. 


Labor Saving: 
It is designed in spiral type by arranging small to big spiral diameters. With the checking force of weak to strong spring tension, it outputs the tension in a balanced manner to provide consistent suspension force that allows the operator to carry out the operation without burden. Further, it also lets the tool pause at any height and maintains at still status. In this way, the user can perform the operation without sustaining any tool load; thus, avoiding tense muscle and fatigue resulting from long-term holding of tools and heavy objects.
The user can easily drag the tool to where he wants and stop at easier access position to achieve smoother and more efficient operation.
The operator can handle the tool easily; thus, avoiding wasting time and consuming labor by lowering the tool and picking it again when taking the object at the same time.
Rigid mechanism design makes the product more durable while bringing down the maintenance cost. In this way, it can significantly minimize the loss probability due to the colliding and falling of  the suspended tool.





  SB-C60 SB-C70
Capacity  50.0~60.0 kg 60.0~70.0 kg
Weight 11.1 kg 11.4 kg
Travel 1.5 m 1.5 m
Hose Material Cable Cable
Rope Dia 4.8 mm 4.8 mm
Packing 1pc/11.1kg/12.4kg/0.9' 1pc/11.4kg/12.7kg/0.9'