Hose Balancer

SB-L Series

By integrating 8*12mm diameter PU braided hose, it could provide adequate air flow for medium air tools, such as impact wrench, oil-pulse screwdriver, etc. Meanwhile, with its spring driven flexible tension, SB-L Series, air hose balancer let you occupy pneumatic tool easily, quickly, ergonomically. And, the working area clean, neat and organized is the image of your production line. By the worm gear in SB-L series, you can adjust tension in small degree to match the specific weight of tool. 

1. Adopting 8.0 mm inner diameter hose to provide enough air flow to air tool and equipment.
2. It achieves neat and orderly production line for enhancing the working efficiency.
3. Tool anti-falling device is provided in case of the spring breaking.
4. The installation is fast and convenient with 360 degrees install hook.
5. Worm gear provides more precise force adjustment.

  SB-L1.5 SB-L2.5
Capacity  0.5~1.5 kg 1.5~2.5 kg
Weight 2.2 kg 2.3 kg
Travel 1.3 m 1.3 m
Hose Material PU Braided PU Braided
Rope Dia 8 x 12 mm  8 x 12 mm
Packing 6pcs/13.8kg/14.8kg/2.5' 6pcs/14.4kg/15.4kg/2.5'


  SB-L3.5 SB-L5
Capacity  2.5~3.5 kg 3.5~5.0 kg
Weight 2.4 kg 2.4 kg
Travel 1.3 m 1.3 m
Hose Material PU Braided PU Braided
Rope Dia 8 x 12 mm 8 x 12 mm
Packing 6pcs/15kg/16kg/2.5' 6pcs/15kg/16kg/2.5'

Capacity  5.0~6.5 kg
Weight 2.5 kg
Travel 1.3 m
Hose Material PU Braided
Rope Dia 8 x 12 mm
Packing 6pcs/15.6kg/16.6kg/2.5'