Air/Hydraulic Rivet Nut Tool (M3~M12)
Standard Accessory
1.      Head: M3*1, M4*1, M5*1, M6*1, M8*1, M10*1(on the tool), M12*1
2.      Ring Nut*7
3.      Tie Rod: M3*2, M4*2, M5*2, M6*1, M8*1, M10*1(on the tool), M12*1
4.      Stroke Regulator*1
5.      Hex. Wrench*1
6.      Spanner*1
7.      Blow Case*1
8.    Regulator*1 (JUNE 27th, 2014 update)
Curve Head
(Design for curve surface connection)



The most working way of this new rivet nut tool compared to traditional way by air directly driving is to stabilize the output torque resulting in stable operation by users without damaging the working surface of work piece by air driving the oil to push the nose head toward rivet nut.


  1. Good for production lines and maintenance, may work properly on link between thin plates, specially good for automobile industry and auto repairs.
  2. Replace electric welding, high strength link between rivet nuts and work pieces and fast operation.
  3. High precision and high lifespan pneumatic cylinders.
  4. Smooth and stable operation without easily damaging nose head threads.


Rivet Nut Capacity M3~M12
Stroke 0 - 6.5 mm
Max Power 2,142 kg
Weight 2.5 kg
Length 310 mm
Noise <80 dB(A)
Air Consumption 7.5 L/min
Vibrations <2.5 m/S2
Operating Pressure 25 ~ 100 psi
Air Inlet 1/4" PT or NPT
Packing 2pcs / 9kg / 10kg / 2'