COMPANY About Soartec
Why Soartec?
  • Barcode system control all the way from order key-in by sales department, transforming it to manufacture order by production control department till packaging check with photos of packaging history of the same account by packing staff to minimize the artificial mistakes.
  • It’s rare to see iron components with twice quenching and twice tempering at our competitors but Soartec.
  • With 5-axis CNC machinery which is mostly used in Aerospace industry to secure component production precision.
  • CE compliance and other related certificates justify every process and every part, component that we use for manufacturing must meet international standards.
Introduction of Soartec

Soartec founded in 2003 devotes itself to designing and manufacturing “quality” pneumatic (air) tools toward Japanese strict standards to become one Taiwan professional manufacturer and exporter. Following the founder Mr. Michael Hung’s lead, Soartec has developed a wide spectrum of air tools, such as impact wrenches, sanders, screwdrivers, drills, die grinders, polishers, riveters…. to meet various users demands. Kindly understand all of Soartec air tools fully designed for heavy duty industrial demands, so it’s not reasonable to compare our pricing offers for industrial purposes directly with the ones for DIY grades from other suppliers, though ours and theirs look almost the same.

Business Philosophy

In view of the comments from the end-users home and abroad, our products have won the entire satisfaction no matter in the features, performances, durability, designs and constructions or the multiplicities of different models.


Soartec Industrial Corp. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of pneumatic tools in Taiwan.

We have been manufacturing the Air Sanders, Air Impact Wrenches, Screwdriver, Hammer, Industrial Air Die/Angle Grinder and Accessories, etc.

As well as exporting the products to many countries around the world thru co-operation of OEM, ODM or OBM with importers in addition to the local sales.


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